Millennium Theatre Technical Specifications


All events requiring use of the Millennium Theatre lighting rig or control must supply a complete outline and exact specification of requirements at least 3 weeks prior to the event. Please allow sufficient time to rig, focus, plot and rehearse before technicals. Full documentation, Lx plans, elevations, cue sheets and scripts must be forwarded to Millennium Technical Dept, at least 21 days prior to the arrival of the company. The in-house sound/lighting control room is located at the back of the auditorium. It is the responsibility of the visiting company to supervise their own equipment. Fire/Safety certificates are required for all incoming equipment.

Additional Equipment

Extra lanterns or PA equipment may be hired-in at the visiting company's expense.
Please advise 3 weeks in advance if necessary.




Strand VL 64 Console,
24 x Parcans all CP62 wide beam
12 Cantata F's
8 x Source 4 Zooms 15/50deg
6 x Strand SL's 15/32deg
2 x Strand SL's 23/50deg
10 x Iris 1 Floods
120 Circuits 16A


Soundcraft Spirit FX16 Desk
Yamaha 0V1 Digital Desk
DBX 31 band stereo graphic equaliser
Sennheiser EW300 radio bug mic and receiver
2 x Shure SM 57
4 x Shure SM 58
3 x small Senn mic stands
3 x large Senn mic stands
Denon professional CD player DN-C680
Denon professional MD player M1050R
Denon twin cassette player


3 x o/s lighting pre-wired barrels, motor driven for rigging at chest level,
1000kg capacity (cannot be inter-changed)
1 F.O.H. bridge position 12 Circuit
1 FOH Truss 12 Circuit
2 booms in auditorium L&R 12 Circuit


Pros opening W-10m H-7m
Depth to back wall 9.4m
Width behind pros 18.5m
Width @rear wall 10m
Height to grid 5.2m
Please note Cyc and rear tabs are set 1.5m from back wall

Dressing Rooms

2 x 7 person rooms with showers
1 x 10 person room
Please note that the larger of the three dressing rooms if not in use doubles up as the green room
Show relay in all dressing rooms


A full set of tabs, leg's etc

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